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Create New Heights Of Geotechnical Building Materials

Our company currently has a number of world -advanced geotechnical material production lines ,mainly producing engineering materials such as geomembrane ,geocell ,drainage board ,geosynthetic clay liner ,geogrid ,geotextile and 3D geomat ,We pursue high-quality products, we have very high requirements for product quality inspection, so our company hope to create a new height of geotechinical building material in the word.


smooth geomembrane

HDPE geocell

hdpe geocell 2

Drainage board

drainage board

Geosynthetic clay liner

geosynthetic clay liner

Plastic geogrid

Plastic geogrid

Composite drainage net

composite drainage net


short staple non woven geotextile

3D geomat


About Us

Tai'an Wantong Composite Material Co., Ltd. is located in Tai'an City, Shandong Province, in the middle of China's most developed transportation network, with convenient transportation and advanced communications. The company takes friendship and integrity as its operating principle. The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of geosynthetics, and a council member of the China Geosynthetics Association. The company has established close cooperative relations with many design units and universities across the country.

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Our Customers

Taian Wantong has provided many types of geosynthetic products to over 43 countries. Our main customers are from  France, Sweden, UK, Hungary,Poland, Australia,New Zealand,  Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Indonesia,Vietnam,Thailand, Malaysia,  Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka,UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nigeria, South Africa, Mongolia etc.


To serve customers and serve the market as the purpose, to enhance the company's image.
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