Conduct team leader training - Conduct team leader training
New crown virus condolences
New crown virus condolences
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Conduct team leader training

As the smallest unit of production system, production groups are the most basic organizations of production management. They are the direct executors of equipment maintenance, process adjustment, production safety, product quality control and so on.

As the link between frontline staff and workshop director, production group leader is the indispensable assistant of the workshop director, acting as the role of “soldiers’ headman”. The group leader’s function is important for the successful implement of the production cohesion, product quality, safe and civilized production and so on.

team leader training

To further enhance the group leaders’ work skills, lay the solid foundation for the production management, and promote the upgrading of production management system, TMP organized five systematic trainings on group leader responsibilities, group management, production safety management, quality management, equipment management and site management from July 02,2020 to July04,2020.

The trainings would provide directions to the group leaders, promote the exertion of group leader’s function, push forward the construction of the group work and wouldl also lay a solid foundation for upgrading the  production management system.