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Filament Polyester Geotextile

Product Description

Geotextile is the permeable and durable geosynthetic material widely used to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, retain or drain soil. WT brand filament polyester geotextile fabric is the kind of continuous filament needle punched non–woven geotextile made from polyester virgin material, formed by the process of needle punching and thermally bonding. Our filament polyester geotextile offers optimum performance per unit weight which features good mechanical properties of tensile strength and puncture resistance, good drainage ability, acid and alkali resistance and anti-aging. Filament geotextile is widely used for separation, filtration, drainage, protection and subgrade reinforcement functions for civil engineering projects.

Product Applications

  1. Isolation between different materials. To bear the additional load between road and airport subgrade and foundation, the geomembrane and sandy drainage layer, the foundation and embankment soil, etc.
  2. Soft base reinforcement. To protect the geomembrane from being punctured by landfill impurities, grassroots soil or stone layer which is used in the airport road, railway, landfill or playground, etc.
  3. Filtration. To prevent the geocomposite from soil intrusion under  under the landfill leakage.
  4. Drainage. Installed under the geomembrane, playgrounds or railroad ballast, etc.

Product Features

  1. High tensile strength
  2. Puncture resistance and strong
  3. Anti-corrosion
  4. Anti-aging
  5. Excellent permeability and filtration
  6. Acid and alkali resistance
  7. Increases performance life of the road
  8. Withstands tough construction loading
  9. Ease of installation