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Composite Drainage Net

Product Introduction

Composite Geonet, is a two or three-layer three-dimensional drainage geosynthetic product which are often made with polypropylene PP or regenerated HDPE (called geonet) and covered with single- or double-sided thermally heat-bonded nonwoven geotextile on both sides or one side.

The geonet has high drainage performance which is made of high quality polyethylene resin, adding 2-3% carbon black, anti-UV and anti-oxidant processed by special extruding technology. BPM brand drainage net has excellent performance than traditional draining gravel. The 3D composite drainage net combines the characteristics and functions of geonet and geotextile, it has the comprehensive charateristics of anti-filtration, good drainage, air permeability and high strengthen and  protection reinforcement. It is an ideal new drainage geo material.

Product Features

  1. Share the feature of Geonet and Geotextile
  2. Good permeability
  3. Strong drainage ability
  4. High tensile strength
  5. High chemical resistance stability
  6. High friction coefficient
  7. Effectively keep sand and gravel particles out to maintain long-term stable drainage
  8. Good corrosion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance
  9. Long service life
  10. Easy deployment

Product Applications

Three dimensional drainage net can be installed under the road base to prevent sand and gravel into geonet and provide effective drainage and reinforcement at the same time, it can also installed between the foundation and base to facilitate drainage. Drainage net is widely used in railway, tunnel, highway, municipal, dam, slope protection, garbage landfill, wall back garden, and field drainage reinforcement projects.