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Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Product Introduction

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GLCs) is the high performance needle punched environmental reinforced composites which combines two durable geotextile outer layers with a uniform core of natural sodium bentonite clay to form a hydraulic barrier.  Geosynthetic clay liner is often mechanically held together by needling, stitching or chemical adhesives.

 Geosynthetic clay liners are widely used as a replacement for compacted clay liners. Upon hydration, the bentonite in the GCL can swell automatically to form a low permeability clay layer with the equivalent hydraulic protection of several feet of compacted clay when hydrated under confining load.  The geosynthetic clay liner can provide approximately the same hydraulic protection as compacted clay can. The excellent tensile and peel strength properties make the geosynthetic clay liner ideal for composite liner systems, landfill composite base liners and backfilled seepage control liners, etc.

Product Features

  1. Better hydraulic performance
  2. Compacted clay liner replacement
  3. Wider temperature spectrum
  4. Consistent quality
  5. Granular bentonite providing consistent hydraulic performance
  6. Durable Needle punched reinforcement and shear strength
  7. Reduced carbon footprint
  8. Simple overlap seams

Product Specifications

Properties Unit Test Method Frequency Value

GCL Property

Bentonite mass per unit area

g/m2 ASTM D 5993 4000m2 3600g/m2 MARV

Tensile Strength

kN/m ASTM D 6768 4000m2 6kN/m MARV

Peel Strength

 N ASTM D 4632 4000m2 65N MARV

Hydraulic conductivity

 cm/s ASTM D 5887 periodically 5×10–2cm/sec MARV 

Shear Strength

kPa  ASTM D 6243 periodically  24 kPa Typical

 Geotextitle Property

Cap nonwoven geotextile

 g/m2 ASTM D 5261 20,000m2 200 g/m2 MARV

Cap woven geotextile

g/m2 ASTM D 5261 20,000m2  200 g/m2 MARV

Bentonite property

 Swell index

 Kg  ASTM D 5890 50,000Kg 24ml/2g  MARV

Moisture content

%  ASTM D 4643 50,000Kg 12% max
Fluid loss ml ASTM D 5891 50,000Kg 18ml max

 Roll Dimensions


m  Typical each roll 5.8×30

 Area Per Roll

 m2 Typical each roll  174

Packaged Weight

kg Typical each roll  935

 20GP loading

roll Typical each roll  20